Some useful Countercyclical-related terminology as you're using the platform.


A user is anyone with an active account on Countercyclical.


A member is a user that's part of a workspace.

Most often, these are users with member (default), admin, or guest permissions.

Please see Permissions for more information on this.


A workspace is where all of your investments, valuations, and teams live.

A user can have multiple workspaces.


An investment is any searchable asset on Countercyclical.

These mostly include traditional equity and debt issuances for publicly-traded companies.


A collaborator is a workspace member that's been invited to an investment.


A valuation is a collaborative document that members create within an investment.

These are often created based on some form of scenario analysis (Base case, grey sky, blue sky, etc.), but can be used in whatever manner the workspace members would like.


A team is a group of members within a workspace.

Teams are most often used for giving visibility to a lot of investments (and valuations) at once along with leveraging assumptions.


Assumptions are saved inputs (growth rate, terminal rate, terminal period, and discount rate) that are used when generating valuations.


Templates are reusable settings that a user, team, or entire workspace can leverage when creating new investments and valuations.

These settings include certain invitations, valuations to create with each new investment based on scenario, etc.


Memos are documents members can craft to share insights and findings with other stakeholders both inside a workspace or out.


Workflows are recurring actions that are taken on investments that trigger after some user-specified period of time.

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